How do I find an internship abroad in Spain?

Spain is a very popular vacation destination. No wonder, as it offers sun, beach and sea, as well as cultural diversity and gastronomic delights. Why not stay longer in Spain? An internship abroad gives you the best chance to really immerse yourself in Spanish life. Not only will you get to know the kingdom, but you will also gain valuable experience for your CV. In any case, an internship in Spain broadens your horizons and opens up new perspectives.

Finding an internship abroad in Spain - What are your chances?

So you've decided to do an internship abroad in Spain. All you have to do is find a suitable position. Basically, the chances of getting an internship in a Spanish company are not that bad. Although the unemployment rate is still quite high, the Spanish economy is slowly recovering. As a German, you also have an advantage over your local competitors: you speak perfect German. In gastronomy and tourism there is always a need for hard workers. Here you can gain experience as a young chef or waiter. But also in hotel management, your chances of speaking German are good. After all, 16% of Spanish companies have German roots. Often the chances of getting an internship abroad are quite good. But don't forget that, whatever your field of activity, you should always be able to speak at least some Spanish to get a job. Although there are also jobs that you can do in German, such as taking care of German-speaking customers in the call center, your chances of getting a job are always greater if you can understand your local colleagues. Where you will do your internship depends a lot on the industry. Basically, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are the main business centers of the country and good places for an internship abroad in Spain.

Job search

In all cases, the search for an internship must take place before departure. The easiest and most efficient way to search is of course online. You can search online, for example here :
  • Job exchanges
  • Facebook Groups
  • Company websites
In addition, there are own agencies that organize internships abroad. The agencies support you in the planning, the travel and also on the spot. However, you have to pay a fee for the placement. In addition, job fairs and job boards (e.g. at the university) are a good way to look for an internship offline. In bsrcelona spain, as in other foreign countries, for example in the united kingdom or australia, you have to do a careful search to find an internship that suits the candidate's profile. There is, for example, an internship in commercial marketing, communication or also in finance. However, in order to facilitate the relations internship, it is necessary to know some basic notions of the language of the country where the candidate will apply.

Important criteria to apply for an internship abroad

The letter of application differs only slightly from the one addressed to a company in Germany. A Spanish application usually consists of a letter of motivation (Carta de Candidatura) and a curriculum vitae (Curriculum Vitae or Hoja de vida). The photo and certificates do not necessarily have to be attached, but it does not hurt. When writing your cover letter, you should focus more on the future than on the past. You should only briefly mention the steps in your CV. It is more important to explain to the company in your cover letter why you are doing an internship and what you can bring to the company. Of course, you should write your cover letter and CV in Spanish. Thus, it is strategic to look for an internship that grants a salary to ensure your survival resources. Because, it is not easy to find an internship internationally.
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