HDAF: Who is this training for?

You can take the HDAF regardless of your age group. If you want to make a professional reconversion, this diploma will expose you to new issues and opportunities. High level positions open up if you follow the program. The preparation for UE1 and UE4 requires training with qualified teachers to pass the HDAF.

Who can perform the HDAF program?

Even if you are already a professional in the law or accounting stream, you are qualified to complete the program. The training content and the exams it includes have made this diploma famous. Preparing for the DSCG remains important for a successful completion of the program. Click here to better prepare for the exams. Juries confirm that some professionals show their disability due to poor preparation. On the other hand, the diploma offers many advantages to its owner. For example, it allows for rapid career development. Many professional communities recognize this diploma because it proves the competence of its owner. You will always find a job thanks to the HDAF. You can work as a chartered accountant, auditor or financial controller. Jobs with high responsibility become easy to perform after you have obtained this diploma. There is no shortage of opportunities. The free candidate remains unacceptable to enter the program. You must mention your source institution during registration for your application to be validated. Registration is done online within a specified time frame. If you reside abroad, please check the list of suitable countries to apply. Generally, the success rate is around 30% for EU1 and EU4. The points count is easily checked online if you need it. Applications from holders of a diploma equivalent to the master's degree delivered in France are still acceptable.

How and when to register for the HDAF test?

On the internet, registration is simply done by filling out an application form. The Ministry of Higher Education defines the schedule for the dscg. Applications should be submitted on the scheduled dates to avoid direct elimination. Please check the contents of your files before validating the registration. Do not exceed the deadline for mailing the registration fee cheque. During the DSCG UE1 tests, themes are frequently repeated. Studies have shown that the themes "groups of companies" and "companies in difficulty" are repeated more often than others. These themes include criminal law, tax law and contract law. Details of this study concerning the EU1 can be found online. Websites provide you with forecasts on the EU1 of the HDAF. You can practice by processing the annals available on the internet. The research of the HDAF experts serves as a clue to help candidates pass the tests. As far as UE4 is concerned, many subjects still need to be mastered in order to obtain the diploma. You must assimilate restructuring operations, international standards, auditing and group accounts.

Is it necessary to prepare the HDAF?

Preparation remains important if you want to pass the DSCG exams. Many specialists offer preparatory courses to help candidates graduate. You can take the courses both online and live. Each candidate has the right to ask questions to the instructors. Interaction becomes possible thanks to new technology. Students can interact with each other during videoconferences. Online, homework corrections are done on video. The professors give you direct feedback on your papers. The availability of various communication tools allows candidates to join the instructors on a daily basis. The HDAF requires good preparation to pass the tests that await candidates. Do not hesitate to contact an expert in the field if you want to pass the program. Practice with the training topics available online. During your preparatory course, cover all the topics that are sent to you. The teachers will give you back the correction by video. They will also present you with topics that will most likely fall due on the day. Thanks to their experience and in-depth studies, the instructors give you the opportunity to sort out the topics. This will increase your chance of success.
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