Academic orientation: the most sought-after degrees in the coming years

Students who have recently deposited all the practices of the baccalaureate look around them in search of their future: for those who will continue to study at university, what are the elements to be evaluated for the choice of the curriculum? Passion, predisposition, job opportunities . To be taken into consideration, however, looking to the future, they can also be guided by sector studies on the most sought-after degrees in the coming years.


The report by Unioncamere and ANPAL, Excelsior Information System, Forecast of professional and vocational needs in Italy in the medium term for the period 2019-2023 guides us through the training offer of the various Italian universities . Among the various areas stand out the digital transformation and eco-sustainability, sectors that will involve about 30% of workers in the next five years. The report estimates that workers with specific mathematical and computer skills, digital or related to Industry 4.0, will represent about 270/300 thousand. Among the experts who will be most in demand in the coming years, the report highlights the following figures:
  • Data Scientist,
  • Big Data analyst,
  • Expert in Cloud Computing,
  • Cyber security expert,
  • Business intelligence analyst,
  • Social media marketing manager,
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineer.
But the search for digital skills is not limited to precise figures: as the Forecast of Employment and Professional Needs in Italy in the Medium Term 2019-2023 indicates, the demand for digital skills is associated with more than 9 out of 10 profiles, skills that - as the Excelsior Survey points out - companies are already struggling to find .


As far as eco-sustainability is concerned, over the next five years Italian companies will be looking for between 518,000 and 576,000 workers with green skills. Here are some of the green jobs that will be most in demand by companies:
  • expert in energy management,
  • the green chemist,
  • the expert in green purchasing,
  • the expert in environmental marketing,
  • the installer of systems with low environmental impact.
According to Unioncamere-Anpal, Excelsior Information System's report Forecasting Employment and Professional Needs in Italy, there are five other supply chains that will drive future labor demand:
  • Health and Wellness;
  • Education and Culture;
  • Mechatronics and Robotics;
  • Mobility and Logistics;
In the area of health and wellness, the units that will be sought in the coming years are between 362 and 381 thousand. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical laboratory technicians will be called upon to replace workers retiring in the coming years and to meet the demand for health and assistance due to the aging population. The needs of the education and culture chain - which includes teachers, training designers, translators, cultural event organizers and communication and marketing experts - will amount to 140/161 thousand units. From 69 to 83 thousand workers will be needed for the mechatronics and robotics supply chain, which includes:
  • Technicians in automation and mechatronic systems;
  • Technicians for the management, maintenance and use of industrial robots;
  • Designers of industrial plants;
  • Employees in the programming of numerically controlled machines.
The mobility and logistics supply chain, which must adapt to the profound changes in purchasing and consumption patterns, will require a workforce of between 85,000 and 98,000 people. While the energy supply chain will require between 40,000 and 43,000 units.
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