A MOOC specialized on France

Successful education requires good pedagogical resources to be able to contribute to a sustainable development of knowledge. It is not necessarily necessary to go to public institutions such as universities and schools. It is possible to follow one's school career through digital education. Learning by MOOC brings innovation for a student who wants to have a clear orientation on his studies.

A MOOC specialized on France

In France, students can follow its courses online thanks to a digital platform called MOOC. For those who want to learn about French values or prepare for a competition on France, there is an online training and courses called "Ensemble en France", an initiative of the association France Terre d'Asile. This MOOC is free, permanently accessible to everyone. This MOOC is interesting for those who come to France for the first time or also for those who are simply curious. It is a tool thought as much for teaching as for learning. The pedagogical path has been elaborated by teams specialized in foreign languages and civilizations. Progress is indicated on the platform and learning efforts are rewarded.

Content and navigation of the MOOC "Ensemble en France" (Together in France)

The MOOC "Together in France" and available in several languages, including Spanish. There is also an option to subtitle the 50 videos that talk about French law, the Franche Comte, Paris and the history of France, as well as other information about France. The platform and its pedagogical path are fully bilingual French/English. The course shows France as a unique land of battles and customs. "Together in France" is fun, illustrated and interactive. It includes short videos, drawings and quizzes. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, School, Europe, Laicity and Family, are the French republican principles addressed by this course, which is designed to convey the French concept of community life and to dispel a number of misunderstandings related to cultural differences. The student has the choice and all the liberties: he can register, navigate, watch a video, take a quiz or read an intercultural situation. It is possible to return at any time at any point along the way. The pedagogical scenario of "Ensemble en France" focuses on the students' capacity for reflection, based on interviews with experts, testimonials from foreigners and a "French style" category where some of the French social codes are described.

Who is the course for?

The "Ensemble en France" course is intended for people with a basic knowledge of French (A2) and the teachers who accompany them. The exercises are developed to guide both learners and teachers, thanks to numerous pedagogical tips on FLE and suggestions for using sequences. A large number of external links complete the explanations and propose additional exercises that can be used as an aid to take an exam session in French. This training is also aimed at potential migrants as well as those who have already migrated to France. "Ensemble en France" can also be used as a tool to prepare for a family reunification trip, a study trip or in the context of acquiring French nationality through naturalization. The course is also intended for people accompanying these migrants: pedagogical orientations are proposed to social workers and teachers of FLE (French as a Foreign Language). This idea aims to reach a wide audience, especially the curious, but also teachers who are looking for tools to improve the teaching and transmission of French principles and values in schools
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