Language Travel in England: How does it work?

"Learning by staying in the country whose language you want to learn" is how a language trip could be defined. Every year, many high school and university students choose a language trip to improve their language skills in the foreign language of their choice. This educational trip is also an opportunity to discover another culture and customs.

The language stay, one of the best ways to learn English

A language stay in Great Britain is the best way to learn English and improve your language skills. Indeed, linguistic immersion in a foreign country with its culture allows you to learn the language well, to immerse yourself in the customs and habits and to practice the language in everyday life. Indeed, there is nothing like a language stay in England to make rapid progress in English and learn to master the finer points of Shakespeare's language. Immersion and intensive exposure in a completely English-speaking environment, host family, city, stores, media, local population, requires you to speak English constantly, to be attentive to what others are saying and to record expressions and vocabulary words in order to progress quickly and naturally in English. The language stay is also intensive English courses throughout the stay, at least 3 hours per day or more depending on the wishes and needs of each person.

How does the language stay work?

Do you want to learn English or improve your language level in the field? The language trip to England allows you to learn the language and to become familiar with English culture and life. Many high school and university students choose to take a language trip during the vacations and outside of school. There are also opportunities for adults and professionals to learn and improve their English language skills. This type of language stay can be part of a continuing education program to develop linguistic fluency and open up new professional horizons. A language stay in London, Oxford, Cambridge or another city of your choice are perfect places to improve your level of spoken and written English while having fun. Whether you are a student, a high school student or a professional, you will have the choice between several course options and you can choose to stay with a host family, with one of your teachers or in a hotel.

Varied programs adapted to the desires of each one

If you are looking for a language study trip to England, you will find that many organizations offer educational trips to learn English for all ages. You will have the choice between standard courses, intensive training, preparation for specific exams such as TOEFL, DELE, IELTS, etc. or one-to-one lessons with a private teacher. You can stay with a host family, in a university residence, with a teacher from your school or book an all-inclusive language stay offered by an English summer school. In these establishments, the language learning programs are very varied and adapted to each age group. They combine English courses with the sports activities of your choice and cultural discovery excursions. The learning of the English language does not stop at any time and progress is assured. If you want to go on a language trip to England, you will see that not all services are the same and that it is important to make the right choice. It is advisable to choose a language stay that is guaranteed by an organization such as UNOSEL or the Office national des stages or that is NF labeled. You will then have the assurance of a language stay in England of quality and seriousness.
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