Housing assistance for students

Have you completed your exam and graduated from high school? Do you wish to continue your studies in higher education? Would you like to leave the family nest to fly on your own wings? You have found the housing you wanted and are preparing for your new life as a student? Then you will need some budget in order to live well and finish your study with peace of mind. However, your parents are not able to fully assist you in your financial needs. As a result, you need external financial assistance to pursue your dream. You can apply for housing assistance to support you. In order to benefit from this assistance, you must respect certain rules and conditions. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you in your adjustment to your new student life and facilitate your application for student housing assistance.

Organization of the student's move

Before you can move, it is essential to find the student housing that suits you. First of all, set your monthly budget that you wish to allocate each month to your student residence. Choose your housing well when you do your research. Don't hesitate to contact agencies such as www.kley.fr who can show you several choices of student residence. Be aware of the services that the residences can offer you. These services will be your selection criteria in addition to the state of the premises. Wondering what these services are? Here are a few examples, free access to Wifi, a laundry room, a bicycle room, a restaurant, a parking space, babysitting, cleaning, maintenance, delivery of fruit and vegetable baskets, equipment loans, etc... Also check if the residence offers help in finding odd jobs and organizing plans to facilitate your integration with other students. Once you have found your accommodation, bring your personal belongings to your new residence. For this you will need transportation. If you don't have a car, and no one can assist you with your move, use a moving company or a rental car.

Preparing to carry out administrative procedures

When you move, you usually have to deal with administrative procedures. Open an account for your electricity. This can be done quickly on the internet. Also think about applying for a change of address if you wish, at the organizations you consider important such as the bank. Don't forget also to make, if you wish, a request for mail tracking from your previous address to your new address. Take out home insurance as soon as you move as this is a legal obligation. Most importantly, apply for housing assistance from the CAF. These aids are paid by the State. You can make your request directly on the CAF website. Before finalizing your request you can also make a simulation on the internet. These housing subsidies will be calculated from the personal information that you have entered. The following information you will have to enter in the application: the postal code, the conditions of occupation of the accommodation, the nature of the accommodation, the number of people living in the accommodation, your family situation, furnished or empty rental, the amount of the rent, the composition and resources of the household, your professional situation, the geographical location of the student residence, the value of the assets in case it exceeds the fixed amount.

The rights obtained from housing subsidies

Wondering why you should apply for housing assistance? Generally, they are made to help you with the rent of your student residence. However, each type of housing assistance for students has its own particularity. If you have applied for APL or Aide personnalisée au logement, ALS or Allocation de logement social, and ALF or Aide au logement familial you will be entitled to a reduction in the amount of rent you have to pay each month. In addition, the key device or student rental deposit is a state insurance that gives the right to all students who do not have personal guarantors to obtain student housing more easily. The rent pass advance is a solution for the security deposit. This housing aid can advance to the tenant of the residence the sum of the security deposit requested by the landlord during the signature of the contract. The tenant, i.e. the student, will reimburse the organization that proposed the housing aid the amount advanced. This is an interest-free loan. Finally, the AideMobili-Jeune will allow you to benefit from a sum of money fixed by the organization, in order to pay your rent. This aid will be paid to you every six months. You will receive two payments during the year.

Conditions for housing assistance

In order to benefit from student housing aid you must meet certain conditions. You must certainly be a student. For APL and ALS, you must reside in the country that offers the aid and apply for your main accommodation. Your student residence must be between 9 and 16 m2 in size depending on the number of people. Please note that to be eligible for personalized housing assistance or APL, you must be separated from your parents' tax home. For student rental guarantees, you must have income but not have a personal or bank guarantee. You must also be at least 28 years old. To be eligible for a rental-pass advance or a student car allowance, you must be a student employee in a private, non-agricultural company. You must be under a fixed-term contract of at least 3 months, in vocational training or an internship agreement and be at least 30 years old.
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