Practical advice for a first university exchange in Erasmus

Erasmus is a great experience, full of unforgettable moments and the chance to make friends for life. It gives you the opportunity to discover and develop personally. Erasmus has had a very positive influence on life. The program will allow you to be more independent and, in many ways, more mature. You can continue your studies at institutions abroad. You will be able to choose your destination and institution. If you want to take any kind of training, you must be able to study in the language of instruction. To benefit from a certain mobility, you must plan your project taking into account your life goals. It is important to prepare your files in order to have a place in an internship or a training course in an institution. This program is eligible throughout the euro zone. You must inquire and obtain information from the competent services to guarantee the desired results. Before you embark on your Erasmus adventure, here are some useful tips to make the start a little easier, because good preparation is the key to success. You can find establishments that give priority to studying in French.

Accommodation in the destination country

Finding suitable accommodation can take a long time. Spotahome is highly recommended. It is often difficult to travel to the country before the start of your Erasmus and this makes it even more difficult to find accommodation. Spotahome has more than 50,000 homes and rooms in 33 cities all over Europe. The choice is huge. In addition, the accommodations are checked to make sure that your new home is perfect for you.

Can I keep my phone number?

If you wish to use your current cell phone abroad, you should check with your mobile operator to find out what additional charges may apply. In some cases, there are no additional roaming charges and you can even use your text messages and minutes as if you were in your home country. For an accurate overview of which countries meet these criteria, you should contact your network provider or visit their website. If you are looking for a good quality cell phone during your Erasmus period, we recommend Forallphones: affordable, reliable and you can choose the quality of your new phones. They range from minimal signs of use, as good as new, to visible signs of use. You can even exchange your old phone and save even more money.

Buy new SIM cards

Buying a SIM card is quick and easy. The fastest way is to go to a supplier's store. Take your passport and relevant documents with you. There are usually several prepayment and contract options. Once you have activated it in the store, you can use it immediately.

Prepare your budget

During your Erasmus period, it is important that you have your money at your disposal so that you have less stress. Banking is an important aspect and there are several options to choose from. Use your bank cards from your home country. Before you go abroad, you should inform your bank that you will be using your bank card abroad. If you don't, your bank card could possibly be blocked for security reasons. When withdrawing cash or paying by credit card, a fee is charged for each transaction, which can be expensive. In addition, charges are levied when you make transactions on accounts abroad, for example for the payment of rent. These fees vary and depend on the bank account. Open an N26 bank account. Opening a bank account with N26 is free and easy! There is even an application that allows you to check your account balance anywhere! There are no fees for transactions abroad and you can activate or deactivate payments with your cell phone. You can use TransferWise to make international money transfers in 19 currencies with the best exchange rates. You can even set payment and withdrawal limits so you have control over budget and spending. If you have an employment contract, your employer may recommend that you open a bank account abroad, which is also a possible option for students. To open a bank account, you may have to pay an initial fee. This is a lengthy process that requires specific documentation. Once you have everything set up, it may be easier and cheaper to use your bank account in your home country. You should also read the terms and conditions to avoid unexpected charges.

Erasmus funding

To benefit from Erasmus funding, you must fill out several forms within certain deadlines. This additional funding helps you pay for your accommodation and daily living expenses. You can find an overview of documents and deadlines for all forms and donations on your university's website or on the Erasmus website. However, you must be specific about your study project. If you have a very limited budget, it is recommended to go through this step.

Pay attention to the insurance issue

Travel insurance is important to ensure that you are covered during your stay abroad. Your university may have insurance that is cheaper than other providers. Once you have obtained your accommodation, you may also want to consider purchasing household contents or liability insurance. European health insurance cards are very important. European health insurance cards are used when you visit or register with a doctor. It is therefore important that you carry your European Health Insurance Card with you. For a successful internship or training course, take the time to prepare yourself well.
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