Preparing for the IELTS exam in Paris

The International English Language Testing System, better known as the IETLS is a diploma of level concerning the English language. Having this diploma in your pocket, you will open many doors both professionally and personally. Especially since in many fields abroad, this diploma is required to be able to access certain positions.

Preparing to take the exam

First of all, it is important to note that this exam comes in 2 forms: Academic and General Training. The choice must be made according to why you need this diploma. For the IETLS preparation, several institutions have set up support courses. A bit like the IETLS Paris internships. A real training that will put you in real conditions. During 2 days, you will be submitted to tests that have the same structure as the official exam. But to know all the modalities, go here. Of course, if you have a high enough level in English, it is possible to learn alone at home. On YouTube, a large selection of videos is online to have a simulation of the exam in real time. But also to have access to typical topics and tips.

Where to find a center to pass it?

In France, not all cities are authorized to administer this exam. The capital city is fortunate to have several centers to do so. But beware, only institutions authorized by the British Council pay for a valid diploma. So, be careful to avoid fraud. Concerning the registration, it is most often done online, on the internet. An identity document will suffice if you are a European candidate. For the cost of the exam, it is rather high, hence the need to be well prepared in order not to waste time and money.

How does the exam take place?

The IETLS exam is divided into several stages, all of which are mandatory. The first is the Listening. This test will last 30 minutes and will consist of listening to 4 different conversations. Through this, the candidate will demonstrate his/her ability to understand English spoken by different people and with different accents. Next is the Reading. The duration of this test will be A hour. It will include questions of medium difficulty to complicate. In general, it will involve answering True or False questions. Then there is the Writing, lasting 1 hour, which will be used to demonstrate your writing skills. This category is divided into two parts: a commentary on a diagram or chart, and an argument on a topic. Finally, the candidate will take the Speaking test. During 15 minutes, you will be confronted with a panel of judges, who will evaluate your speaking ability and accent. The examiner will ask you to talk a little bit about yourself before moving on to more complicated things. He will give you a question, and you will only have two minutes to think about it, before he asks additional questions. Skip this step, a kind of debate will take place on the same topic, but in more depth.
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