Job Ideas for Marketing Graduates

Marketing is about promoting products and services to consumers and persuading them to choose those products and services over those of your competitors. If you like the idea of finding creative ways to sell to a target audience, a specialization in marketing may be for you. Curious about your career options after graduation? Marketing graduates develop a wide range of marketing skills and knowledge that can be applied to jobs in all sectors of the economy.

Marketing Graduate Skills

Students who specialize in marketing develop a number of skills that can be used in all sectors. For example: Strong research skills. When working on market research projects, marketing majors need to assess consumer needs and preferences for products and services. This requires both quantitative and qualitative research skills. Communication skills. Communication is essential to effective marketing, so students develop their writing, verbal communication and presentation skills while completing assignments and internships. They learn to write for a wide variety of audiences. Teamwork skills. Many marketing projects at the university are team assignments. As a result, marketing majors also develop strong leadership and teamwork skills. Event planning skills. Marketing majors also learn how to plan and promote events and campaigns. Personal skills. Students with strong interpersonal skills develop the ability to directly engage others and encourage them to purchase products and services. Creative skills. Marketing majors with a creative flair excel in visual communication and product design, as well as in conceptualizing slogans and themes for marketing campaigns.

Some jobs for marketing graduates

The best job for you as a marketer will depend on your unique set of skills, values, personality traits and interests, which you will convey to the recruiting team in a job interview. This list will help you identify some traditional and non-traditional options to consider. Be sure to talk to professors, alumni, your university's career services office and other contacts in the network to generate additional opportunities that are appropriate for your background.

Admissions Representative

Admissions offices market universities and other educational institutions to prospective students and their families. Marketing majors have the research skills and knowledge of marketing strategies to help admissions offices promote their institutions. Admissions staff use the event planning and organization skills of the Marketing Major to coordinate open houses and other admissions programs. Presentation skills are essential as admissions staff represent their institutions at university fairs and school visits.

Product / Brand Manager

Brand managers oversee all aspects of marketing a product or service. They typically begin their careers as assistants, market research analysts, sales representatives or interns in development programs before earning an MBA. Marketing majors have the marketing research, advertising and product development knowledge required for this position. Highly developed analytical skills are required to evaluate consumer trends and product-related research. Brand managers select and direct other departments or subcontractors that conduct research, media planning and advertising for their brands. Presentation and persuasion skills are essential when presenting budgets and other product proposals to company executives.

Event / Meeting Planner

Weddings, alumni gatherings, press conferences, professional conferences, training sessions and promotional events all require a planner who can anticipate the needs and preferences of an audience. Students or graduates with experience in organizing and promoting events on campus would be wise to explore this option. Writing skills and ease with social media will enable the Marketing Major to publicize events and attract a viable audience.

Fund Raising

Development workers and others who raise funds for nonprofit organizations primarily promote their organizations to the public. As such, they assess the interests of potential donors and develop communications that focus on the key services provided by their organizations. Fundraisers use the presentation and interpersonal skills of the Marketing Major to make presentations to groups of potential donors. They organize and deliver events and secure corporate sponsorships.
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