Good reasons to register for the Cambridge exams

The Cambridge test allows you to add clear added value to your CV by adapting it to international standards. Supported by major companies, these tests are beneficial for the student in any case.

Evaluate your level in English

The Cambridge tests are completely standardised and allow you to have an evaluation based on specific criteria that are identical to all of them. As a result, the score you receive will reflect a standard level that can easily be transcribed into the reference level scale developed by the University of Cambridge. In addition, you will have a wide range of test choices. Some will be specific (oral, written, reading etc). In any case, please note that the process of taking the exam is standard no matter where you take it. The conditions for taking the exam remain the same.

The usefulness of these tests in companies

More and more companies are operating in an international context. Therefore the profiles recruited must have an international cap and have a certain level of English. Therefore, presenting a Cambridge certificate will allow recruiters to immediately recognize your level and facilitate the evaluation of your abilities. The business-oriented Cambridge tests are tests that are widely recognized by companies and with a real added value since the evaluation criteria are completely standard. The standardization is such that today some international companies require it as a mandatory requirement, with a certain threshold to be respected or else one's application will not be retained for the position.

The usefulness of these tests in everyday life

Of course, the Cambridge test will serve you well in everyday life if you are confronted with an environment that requires you to speak English. Indeed, during the course you will have to work on several themes, not necessarily all of them oriented towards the business world. These revisions will allow you to develop vocabulary that will be useful in your everyday life. In short, the Cambridge test is an excellent way to evaluate your level on the basis of standard, international and recognized criteria in the business world. In addition, during the exam revisions, it is a real opportunity to develop your English vocabulary on specific topics related to the professional world. Thus, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in writing emails in English, organizing meetings and much more.
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